Terms and conditions

The present general terms of sale have for object to define the details of implementation and payment of the orders of the photographic shots and the transfers of rights which their are connected. Any access and/or reservations on the instantphotobarcelona.com site supposes the acceptance and the respect for all the terms of the present conditions and their unconditional acceptances. They constitute a contract between Instant Photo Barcelona and the customer.

In case the customer does not wish to accept everything or a part of the present general conditions, it is asked to him to give up any use of the site instantphotobarcelona.com.



Instant Photo Barcelona proposes to his customers a service of photoshot with destinations of companies, private individuals and associations. Shots are constituted by reports in outsides with or without artificial lightings.


Cancellation or Change of services or of dates (customers side)

Before and until 72 hours before the photo shooting : we shall pay off to you the completeness of the price of your service. Please contact us via the e-mail address contact@instantphotobarcelona.com
Within 48 hours: we shall pay off to you 80 % of the price of the service
Within 24 hours: we shall unfortunately have to charge you the entire service.

Change of service or of date
Before and until 72 hours before thephotoshot: contact us via the e-mail address contact@instantphotobarcelona.com. We will do our best for proposing you an other day. Subject to the availability of the photographer.


To not be late, and lose of invaluable minutes on your shooting we suggest you of arrive at the meeting point approximately 15minutes before the photographer.
If you are late, the hour of the shooting, (that at the time of the reservation) will remain unchanged. Subject to his availability, the photographer can offer you extra time.

Especially do not hesitate to warn our photographer.

30 minutes shooting: If you arrive 15minutes later of the beginning of the shooting, and without valid motive, unfortunately we shall have to consider that you are not present and we will charge you the entire service.

Photo stroll:  If you arrive 30minutes later of the beginning of the shooting, and without valid motive, unfortunately we shall have to consider that you are not present and we will charge you the entire service.


Cancellations or change of date (photographer side)

In case of hindrance for grave motive (accident, long-term disease) of our photographer, and whom we cannot postponed the shooting to an agreed date with you, Instant photo Barcelona will pay off you your entire shooting. And asks you excuse us in advance, if this scenario unfortunately had to arrive.


Supply of the photo equipement

The photographer undertakes to supply, in working order, all the necessary material for the realization of the shooting. If necessary, Instant photo Barcelona undertakes to replace the defective material as soon as possible or to postpone to its expenses and in agreement with the customer, the actual date of the shooting. If a new date would not suit to the customers, Instant Photo Barcelona undertakes in paid off the entire shooting. And asks you of us excuse in advance, if this scenario unfortunately had to arrive.


Duration of the shooting

For every order to Instant Photo Barcelona, the duration of shooting is registered at the time of the reservation and also notified in the e-mail of confirmation while you made this one on the instantphotobarcelona.com site. For an overtaking of the indicated schedule, see with the photographer at the time of the shooting so that he informs you about his real time availability and so to know if an overtaking is possible. The overtaking is charged in the following way:

Overtaking of 15 minutes:
40€/60 = 0,66€ / minute
15 x 0,66€ = 10
Additional 15 minutes = 10€



During a shooting

The customers are responsible for possible additional fees during your shooting.

In travel

Under a radius of 50km around the head office of Instant Photo Barcelona none traveling costs will be charged to the customer. Beyond, the transport costs (0,56ct / km) and if need for accommodation of the photographer the customer will be chargeable of it.

Resolution of the delivered digital files

Files are delivered to the full resolution of the digital sensor of the camera, with if need a crop, the retouch of the contrasts, the colors and  the light. In certain cases other retouch can be made to make you the best photos possible.


Delivery mode of the digital files

The delivery to the customer of the digital files is made by web.


Format of the delivered files and color profiles

The digital files are delivered to the JPEG format and without compression. Other formats can be delivered on demand.


Delivery deadlines of the digital files

Instant Photo Barcelona will deliver as soon as possible (in 24 hours) the digital files. However, the delivery of the digital files cannot be realized before the total payment of the service.


Reserve of uses on the exploitation of the images by third persons

Instant Photo Barcelona can be kept on no account of difficulties that certain persons could encounter in the exploitation of the supplied digital files, particularly for the conversions of profiles of colors and the printing.


Reserves on the quality of the images supplied

Nevertheless the care brought to the shooting to realize the photos to be as close as possible of the reality, Instant Photo Barcelona cannot guarantee a faithful 100% reproduction of the colors and contrasts. Whether it is at the time of the shooting, or photos seen upstream on the instantphotobarcelona.com site.


Photos copyright

You have a not exclusive license and perpetual on photos.
Photos cannot be used to collect any forms of remunerations. They cannot be resold, either submitted to new copyright, or be under license.
Instant Photo Barcelona, holds the rights of all the photos of the shooting.


Privacy policy


Instant Photo Barcelona offers an on-line service through its instantphotobarcelona.com site, which allows the people to reserve a photographic service in the city of Barcelona, by choosing among the various offers provided on the instantphotobarcelena.com site.

The protection of the personal information of our customers is the priority of Instant Photo Barcelona.
This policy of confidentiality concerns all the data and the use by Instant Photo Barcelona, by including the instantphotobarcelona.com site. By using the site you are concerned by the policy describes here.


Collection of your personal information

By using this service, Instant Photo Barcelona can collect recognizable personal information.
If you book a shooting on instantphotobarcelona.com, we could collect personal information as your name, first name, e-mail, phone number and your language. As well as information of billing, credit card. And let us store your photos.

This information is used to purchase the transaction (validation of the reservation of the shooting, and realizations of the shooting) and afterward to deliver the photos. Instant Photo Barcelona can also collect demographic anonymous information, age and sex. We can be brought to ask you for additional information personal or not personal in the future.

Photos can be published on the site instantphotobarcelona.com, and our social networks (Facebook and instagram: instantphotobarcelona).
During a publication, Instant Photo Barcelona refrains expressly to proceed to an exploitation of photos susceptible to infringe on privacy or in the reputation of the model, nor to use photos on any support has pornographic, racist, xenophobic or character exploitations harmful.

Information about your computer (hardware and software) could be collected automatically by Instant Photo Barcelona. This information can include: your IP address, your browser, domain name, access time and your reference site.
This information is used to operate the service, maintain the quality of the service and allow the site the use of statistics.


Use of the personal information

Instant Photo Barcelona collects and uses your personal information for the functioning of the site and make you the shooting that you ordered. Instant Photo Barcelona can also use your recognizable personal information to inform you about other services and products available on the instantphotobarcelona.com site and his members.


Use of cookies

The instantphotobarcelona.com site can use “cookies” to personalize your on-line experience. One of the main features of the cookie is to allow you to save time.

A cookie is a text file placed on your hard disk by a web page. Cookies cannot be used to execute programs or put viruses on your computer. Cookies are only assigned to you and can be only read by a server of the domain from whom arises the cookie. The principle of the cookie is to tell the server that you returned on a given page.

You have the possibility of accepting or refusing cookies. Most of the Web browsers accept them by default, but you can generally modify the parameters of browser to refuse them if you prefer.

Safety of your personal information

Instant Photo Barcelona protects your personal unauthorized information of access.

And undertakes to spread them in no third.


Protection of copyright

Every contain and photos broadcasted on the site instantphotobarcelona.com and all the software or technology in the connection to the site instantphotobarcelona.com, and all the aspects of these, including copyright, brand name and other intellectual property are the property of Instant Photo Barcelona or his legal successor.



If you are under 18 years old, you have to ask for the authorization to your parents or legal guardian to use the site Instantphotobarcelona.com.

If you are parents, and if you have questions do not hesitate to contact us via contact@instantphotobarcelona.com, we are there to answer you.


Change in conditions of use

Instant Photo Barcelona can update its general conditions to reflect evolutions of our company and customer returns.


Information of contact

Instant Photo Barcelona will answer you via this address contact@instantphotobarcelona.com do not hesitate in contact us for any questions or comments.

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