How to feel comfortable in front of the lens

How to feel comfortable in front of the lens

We wanted in these lines to give you some advice to feel comfortable the day of your shooting, and help you feel confident in front of the lens so that you can enjoy a maximum of your shooting and obtain the better result.

First, the state of mind! Feel comfortable begins by feeling beautiful, and have energy!

Therefore, your preparation will have to begin at the day before, by ensuring having your account of sleep, your complexion will thank you for it and this height of energy will be feel on photos.

Choose comfortable clothes and which you like!

Many of us, have this top or this jeans which one fit us perfectly and works each time. Then put it!

Especially choose clothes that looks like you and which leaves you free of your movements.

Accessories: bring all what you want (hat glasses, umbrellas, gloves, slings) they often bring something to the outfit and are easily removable.


Do not force yourself to make poses you saw on Instagram or in magazines, There is many chances that does not seem natural.

Your photographer is there to guide you, very often by making you do things (walk in a direction, turn around, jump etc.) all it, so that you look natural and to establish an atmosphere.

Then feel free and do not forget: only the beautiful photos stay.

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