How i get my pictures ?

You will receive an e-mail ,within 24 hours after your photo shoot with our photographer. Where you will find a WeTransfer© link to download them.

If its rainy ?

In case of heavy rain,we can cancel the photo shoot and propose you a new date or refund. If its just a little rainy,we have umbrella and we can do very nice pictures ! But in Barcelona we are very lucky and have approximately 300 days of sun a year !

How I dress ?

As you like ! You need to feel good with what you wear 😉 don’t hesitate to bring glasses ,hat or other accessories.

Can I cancel my reservation ?

If you have any problems ,contact us by the page « contact us » ,we’ll do our best.

Where I found my photographer ?

In the photo points or photo stroll pages, you can find the meeting point and his metro stop ,if you have any doubt ,don’t hesitate and contact us.

Do you provide prints ?

Unfortunately,not yet,but we are working on it ! For now,the HD digital photo that we will send you, can be print in high quality everywhere.
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